Dammam International Aiport


King Fahd International Airport (KFIA) or Dammam International Airport is the world’s largest airport in terms of its area. The Airport is situated 12 miles northwest of Dammam, in Saudia Arab. This vast airport serves the entire Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia, particularly Dhahran, Dammam, Qatif, Al Khobar and RasTanura. Moreover its catchment area also covers Jubail, serving a total population of 3 million people. King Fahd International Airport is also the third major hub for Saudia.



Location and Connectivity of Dammam International Airport

The King Fahd International Airport is located in the Eastern Province of the country, which is located between Dammam and Qatif, sitiuated aboit 25 km away from Dammam. The airport is well linked to the rest of the country; it is connected to populated areas by two major roads. The northern exit, which in the past was the only exit, links the international airport with Qatif wait a 4-lane highway. Another exit, the southern exits exit links the Airport with Dammam via a -lane highway to King Fahd Road which is considered the main road that leads to the airport. The eastern border of the airport is the Abu Hadriyah Highway and southern border consist of Dammam Riyadh Highway.


Facilities available

The King Fahd International Airport offers passengers to spend their time peacefully at duty free shops, restaurants and cafeterias. There are coffee shops available giving free internet accesses. Banks and ATM allowing currency exchange facilities are also available. You can also use the mosque built inside the airport.



Due to the airport’s well connected location, ground transportation isn’t a problem. If you want to get to the city, then you can avail the facility of Public buses running to Dammam from the airport which leave after every 30-60 minutes. You can also take advantage of the car rental services; various car hire companies operate at the airport including Avis and Budget and book for Dammam airport transfers. You can get more information about them at the care hire desks located in the terminal building. Airport taxis are also a reliable option and can help you travel downtown at fixed, low prices.








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